I am a worshiper. I am created by God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and daily sustained and guided by the Holy Spirit. I believe that God is real and active and alive in the world. I try to love him and love others. I mess it up all the time… but by God’s grace I am doing my best to offer my worship and my life to Him each day.

I am a wife and a mom. Jesse is my handsome, brilliant, thoughtful, funny, husband. He’s my best friend and partner in life and in ministry. Raya Praise is our beautiful, spunky, joyful, determined 3-year-old girl who loves to sing and dance and play at the park. Mikaiah Truth is 8 months old and lights up our lives with his huge smile and belly laugh. As a family, we like traveling, gardening and random adventures.

I am a church history nerd. I grew up in a traditional Lutheran church and I enjoyed the familiar rhythms of the liturgy. I enthusiastically added my voice to the choir of people singing stanzas from the green hymnal to the resounding accompaniment of the pipe organ. The richness of the liturgy and the depth of the rituals were fascinating to me. My love for learning about the church and her traditions led me to a pursue a degree in leadership with a worship concentration from Denver Seminary. My time in seminary revealed in me a passion for learning about the past and discovering why we do what we do in church. I am always trying to connect the past with the present in authentic, relevant, theologically sound, and spiritually formative ways.

I am a musician. I find I can often express myself best through music. As a wife, mom, and worship leader, it’s hard to find time to think deep thoughts or continue to develop as a musician. This blog is my attempt to do both of those things. But more than that, I want to find ways to worship in the everyday things that fill my days. I hope the things God is teaching me can inspire and encourage you as well.


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