Throughout These Lenten Days and Nights

Text: James Gertmenian, 1993 Hope Publishing Company

Tune: TALLIS CANON, Thomas Tallis 1561

From: Lift Up Your Hearts, 2013

Sometimes in the midst of a journey, I need to be reminded of the destination. Right now I am 7 months pregnant with our second child. I’m feeling kind of slow and tired and 2 more months feels like a really long time. But just as I was complaining to myself today, I found ultrasound pictures of the little peanut in a drawer and I remembered that there something so much better coming that will make me forget the discomfort and impatience I’m feeling right now.

We are a week and a half into Lent. Have you forgotten about your commitments yet? Have you missed a couple days of fasting or prayer or Bible reading? Are you feeling a little guilty about it? Maybe you’re like me and you need a reminder of where we’re headed to keep you motivated.

Winding trail downThis week’s hymn has six neatly packaged verses that remind us that no matter how difficult the journey becomes, the destination is secure. We can learn so much from Jesus’ journey on earth. He endured temptation, ridicule, betrayal and death. His example can give us courage as we travel along in life. Hebrews 4:15 reminds us: “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet he did not sin.”

Jesus provided us with the ultimate example of keeping the goal of our earthly journey in mind no matter what obstacles come.

God also gives us one another as encouragement along the way. The third verse of the hymn reminds us that we can be sustained by sisters and brothers around us when human burdens and strife weigh us down. Who is walking with you on this journey? Who are you walking with? The hard stuff seems even harder when we’re going alone.

This week, I admit that I didn’t want to post anything. I’m feeling kind of lazy and unmotivated about lots of things these days. It is not unusual for me to begin strong on a journey, but lose motivation as time goes by. But friends, let’s not lose sight of where we’re headed.

Easter day
his rising hour
the feast of life
the coming dawn
Resurrection Morn

Not only did Christ rise from the dead on Easter, but he is coming again. Wherever you are on the Lenten journey or the journey of life in general, the ending has been secured by Christ. I needed the reminders contained in these verses. Maybe you do too.

Throughout these Lenten days and nights we turn to walk the inward way
where, meeting Christ, our guide and light we live in hope till Easter day

The pilgrim Christ, the Lamb of God who found in weakness greater power
Embraces us, though lost and flawed and leads us to his rising hour

We bear the silence, cross and pain of human burdens, human strife
While sisters, brothers help sustain our courage till the feast of life

And though the road is hard and steep the Spirit ever calls us on
Through Calvary’s dying, dark and deep until we see the coming dawn

So let us choose the path of one who wore, for us, the crown of thorn
And slept in death, that we might wake to life on Resurrection Morn!

Rejoice, O sons and daughters! Sing and shout hosannas! Raise the strain!
For Christ, whose death Good Friday brings on Easter day will live again!

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