Garden Impostor

We planted a garden this year and today I pulled out the first crop. I should be excited about this, but I found out I have a lot to learn about gardening.

In deciding what to plant, we tried to choose vegetables that we enjoy eating. Heavy on the tomatoes and peppers, green beans because I know my mom likes them, a few cucumber and squash plants… I say a few because the last time we planted a garden we ended up with 50 butternut squash that vined all the way across the garden and over the fence on three sides.
I had a very detailed plan in hand when I went to the local nursery. The seeds were in various containers and boxes with labels taped to the sides that gave the growing details. I chose Sugar Star peas, Contender bush beans, Bloomsdale spinach, carefully reading about each variety and trying to decide what would be best for our garden plot. There were assorted measuring cups and spoons strewn around the counter and blank envelopes to label the type and amount of seed inside. I remember thinking how quaint and old-fashioned it felt to measure out a teaspoon of seeds from an old peanut butter jar. Much better than choosing from colorfully labeled, pre-packaged seeds from a rotating display at Walmart. This was the place for real gardeners.
Tonight we were pulling some weeds that popped up after last night’s rain when I noticed something strange in our row of Bloomsdale spinach. There were large red roots showing below the leafy green stems.  I just googled Bloomsdale spinach and found a gardening blog that called it a sexy leafy green. Sounds exciting, but the red things I pulled out of the ground did not look sexy to me. After some more internet searching, my suspicions were confirmed. Radishes. I hate radishes. I even took a little taste just to be sure and I had to spit it out. Apparently the longer you leave those little suckers in the ground, the hotter they become. Since I don’t know what variety I accidentally planted, I have no idea when they were supposed to be picked.
Here’s hoping that the rest of the crops turn out better than this. And if you like radishes, I know where you can get some hot ones…