Change of Pace

Today as I labored through a few miles on the treadmill, I was struck by the change of pace my life has undergone in the past year. Our treadmill faces south with a view of the church next door where we work and worship. There are no other buildings in sight. I watched seven vehicles pass by our place during my 30 minute run – actually six because I’m pretty sure the navy blue Suburban went by twice, once in each direction. The only sound I heard was the gentle woosh woosh woosh woosh of my feet on the belt and an episode of This American Life in my headphones.

Things have changed quite a bit for us. A little over a year ago, I was finishing my seminary education in Denver, Colorado. I was up to my eyeballs in tests, projects, papers and presentations. My husband and I lived just off of a busy suburban four-lane road and the sound of traffic, sirens, and general city noises could be heard at all hours. I wouldn’t be able to count the number of cars that passed by our apartment in 30 minutes if my life depended on it. Other things have changed, too. A little over a year ago, we worshiped in a small church in a quiet neighborhood in Denver. Many people came in and out of the doors, and with a transient population someone who had attended 5 or 6 years was one of the fixtures in the place. Today, we serve another small church in rural Iowa. Thelma and Gladys have been here 92 and 87 years, respectively, and most have been members since they were born. The congregation celebrated its 125th birthday in 2009. The neighborhood is quiet here, too. Our nearest neighbor is a half mile away and it’s seven miles to the nearest town. I used to worry about things like theology papers and church history exams. Today I was trying to figure out how to clean up the puddle of baby vomit on the carpet. I used to be happy with a workout when I could average a nine minute mile. Today, I was thrilled with my 11-minute pace.

So I have considered starting a blog since the first of January… new year, new writing outlet. But I’ve postponed starting until today because I couldn’t come up with a suitable title for the blog. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep me from moving forward. But today, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill (a small feat for me since giving birth to our daughter a few months ago) and I decided I would get going on this blogging thing. I guess it’s just a good day for a change of pace.